Hallie Cakes!

Welcome to Bundtlicious Cakes, we are fortunate that we can bring our passion to you. We know you will agree that you will agree these aren't only the best looking cakes ever, they taste just as good.

All cakes are 10" bundts and the minis are 8 for $30. 

We only use quality, fresh ingredients in all of our cakes. In addition to the fresh ingredients, there is generations of love baked right in. You can taste it for yourself. 

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Our Story

The Family Recipe

My Mom is 100% Italian and my dad is Cajun/ French; I grew up in the best of both cooking world's and learned form both of them.  I am a better Cook than Baker but my friends say I'm biased. I can make an awesome lasagna and great pasta dishes too,  also make a pretty awesome rice and gravy!  My grandmother Maggie taught me to make the pasta,  we don't call it spaghetti.  Every Sunday we made pasta at her house where she also made the most amazing homemade bread; we could smell it baking wherever we were.

It wasn't until I got a new stove that I realized that it wasn't me it was the old oven..lol.

When purchasing our new home I walked into the kitchen and had to go no further.  I was in love!  My kitchen is a cook's dream, has amazing appliances and is colossal!  I told my husband I didn't need to see the rest of the house...

Shortly after moving into the house I fell ill and after struggling to get a diagnosis for months I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and tickborne illnesses.  When my memory returned I remembered getting bit by a large "bug" tick.  After being bed ridden for months I finally started to feel better and I realized  this illness had given me a whole new vision and love of life.  I wake up everyday and want to live it to the fullest.

I want to do what I LOVE and be around the people that I LOVE.  I have a passion for life, cooking, baking and hanging out with friends and family.  At our frequent gatherings we always have amazing food  and I love to contribute.  In Louisiana, where we live,  we love having parties in our backyard, swimming in our pool and grilling with friends.  

Cooking and baking is in my culture and  I love being able to wake up everyday and do what I love to do.  

I would like to dedicate my business to my amazing Grandmother in Heaven, it was her who taught me how to work with my hands and make bread dough.  I love you Maw Maw.

Margaret (Maggie) Miletello

My assistant/friend Amy on the left and me on the right.  I would like to thank Amy for all Her help, ideas and supporting me and being by my side through this journey.

I would also like to thank my wonderful husband and kids for supporting me through this 


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